Welcome to Ben Grillet and the Black Bloods! We are glad you're here. Take a look around, drop us a line. Hell, buy some stuff! Haha! See you all at a show very soon.


Welcome Back! 

Hey everyone, welcome back!

We are updating the site as we go. Dates are rolling in for Summer 2022! Thank you for continually streaming Church or a Bar. We really appreciate it! Keep it up!

Be sure to check the Facebook Page, the Merch Store and everything else we have going. We will be posting dates as they confirm. CAN'T WAIT TO BE BACK OUT FOR THE SUMMER AND SEE YOU ALL!

Talk to you soon! BGBB


Ben Grillet and the Black Bloods are a four piece, high energy, Rock/Country band out of Sioux City Iowa. Formed in 2014 under another name, the band is Frontman/Lead Vocalist Ben Grillet, Guitarist Tucker Long,  Eran Ellerbeck Bassist and Drummer Adam Crawford. 

Outlaw Red Dirt Country mixed with a Hard Rock attitude! Powerful vocal melodies and driving, aggressive country sound keep audiences captivated from start to finish!



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